Guide To CS:GO Video  Best Settings & Options

The best video setup for cs go video settings heavily on the user you choose. This is very unusual, but there are hundreds of variations of resolution and aspect ratio that are regularly used by practitioners at any point in time. All these formulations come with their own benefits and drawbacks (some are definitely more a placebo effect than others, but it works for you) and it’s necessary to remember that when we’re working through all these stuff, it is better to do what you think is more convenient.

Feel the best resolution

The most important improvements in your setup may be the resolution and display ratio. It is important to take into account the ups and downs with any strategy, as well as the framerate and overall gameplay. You can switch between various scaling types, including black and extended lines, if you don’t play with the 16:9 (the indigenous aspect ratio of almost all game display sizes). Many pros, as you can see in our charts on the right, play in a 4:3 scale. It’s a major subject of discussion in many online communities whether this is either used to it from ancient times or whether it is analytical easier at cs go video settings.

If you can’t hit either 144 or 240 frames per second opposing FPS levels, lowering the resolution will massively improve the fps, and there’s a case that, even as you pull frames way above the refresh limit on the display, you want to completely optimize your framerate. A common reason to minimize the aspect ratio is that it lets you ‘focus’ better on the main part of the screen (the middle), which making targets look wider and thus easier to reach (with extended scaling), but it’s entirely down to personal preference.

CS: GO ‘s highest recovery pace

People who were on the stage for a while know this: the names of the title for professional shooter games are high refresh times. Currently, a standard 60Hz display is not used by one soccer athlete. That is surely not a surprise. High refreshed games provide you with endless benefits. The first one – and most importantly – to be able to watch the direction your enemies move will be the difference between a missing shot and a hit shot, because we all know how important it is to hit your shots in a game like cs go video settings.